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Mini Kegerator Kit: 2 or 4 Taps For Use With Your Own Fridge Or Esky

Build Your Own Mini Kegerator Pack


    What Is Included In This Kegerator Package:

    The Sodastream Gas System:

    Includes a high quality mini regulator and 2 or 4 gas connections depending on how many taps you choose. It also includes the adapter to connect a sodastream bottle as pictured below. The gas bottle is not included it can be added from us below or get from your local retailer. 

    sodastream 2 outlet gas kit


    What You Need To Do To Assemble:

    1. Drill a hole through the fridge door / esky wall for each tap.
    2. Install tap shanks through the holes and connect liquid line to back.
    3. Attach taps to the front of the esky or fridge
    4. Screw gas bottle into the regulator.
    5. Attach gas lines and beer lines to filled kegs.
    6. Pour your favourite drink on tap!


    What You Need To Get Separately:

    • 1 x Fridge, Camp Fridge or Esky (Need 18cm x 18cm Floor space for each keg.
      • Pictured is a Lemair 115L Bar Fridge
      • 60cm Internal Height for 10L kegs (front of fridge where crisper drawer goes)
      • 40cm Internal Height For 5L Kegs (rear of fridge where compressor is)
    • Sodastream Gas Bottle from us or your local distributor (inc. Coles Express)


    The Optional Nitro Gas System:

    You will always receive the CO2 system outlined above. Optionally you can add the nitro kit below which has 2 outlets and includes the Nitrogen Gas Bottle as pictured below.

    Nitrogen gas system for coffee and cocktails

    The Nitro kit means you can put Cold Brew Coffee or non-carbonated cocktails on tap (like espresso martini or negronis) as the nitrogen can preserve and push the liquid out of the taps without carbonating it like CO2 would. 

      There is space in our bar fridge for 2 x 10L kegs of beer using CO2 from a Sodastream bottle plus 2 x 5L kegs (one of cold brew coffee and one of espresso martini) on the Nitrogen kit.