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Mini Kegerator Kit: 2 or 4 Taps For Use With Your Own Fridge Or Esky

The iKegger Mini Kegerator PICTURED ABOVE Is A Black 120L Hisense Bar Fridge - IT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS KIT!

it can hold 2 x 10l kegs and 2 x 5l kegs & both a co2 system and a nitro system inside

plus you still have room for glasses, ice trays and some bottles and cans.

it is not included in the above packages but can be added for $300 (plus all the installation work done for you)

sodastream 2 outlet gas kit

What Is Included In This Kegerator Package:

  • 2 or 4 x 100mm Tap Shanks With 90 deg 5mm Barb
  • 2 or 4 x Standard Chrome Beer Taps (or Stainless Flow Control Taps)
  • 2 or 4 x Liquid Disconnects
  • 2 or 4 x Gas Disconnects
  • 1 or 3 x T-Barb Gas Line Splitter
  • 1 x Professional Mini Regulator
  • 1 x Soda Stream Adapter
  • 1 x MFL to Barb Adapter for Regulator  
  • Hose Clamps for all connections
  • Beer / Gas Line For Each Tap

The Sodastream Gas System:

Includes a high quality mini regulator and 2 or 4 gas connections depending on how many taps you choose. It also includes the adapter to connect a sodastream bottle as pictured. You can buy the bottles from us or buy / swap empty bottles at your closest swap and go station (for a map of your closest one see this link)

  • You will always receive the CO2 system outlined above.
  • Optionally you can add the nitro kit pictured which has 2 outlets and includes the Nitrogen Gas Bottle.
  • The Nitro kit means you can put Cold Brew Coffee or non-carbonated cocktails on tap (like espresso martini or negronis) as the nitrogen can preserve and push the liquid out of the taps without carbonating it like CO2 would.
  • There is space in our bar fridge for 2 x 10L kegs of beer using CO2 from a Sodastream bottle plus 2 x 5L kegs (one of cold brew coffee and one of espresso martini) on the Nitrogen kit.
Nitrogen gas system for coffee and cocktails

What You Need To Do To Assemble:

  • Drill a hole through the fridge door / esky wall for each tap.
  • Install tap shanks through the holes and connect liquid line to back.
  • Attach taps to the front of the esky or fridge
  • Screw gas bottle into the regulator.
  • Attach gas lines and beer lines to filled kegs.
  • Pour your favourite drink on tap!
  • If you get the fridge we will have everything assembled for you, just add drink!

What You Need To Get Separately:

  • 1 x Fridge, Camp Fridge or Esky (Need 18cm x 18cm Floor space for each keg.
  • 60cm Internal Height for 10L kegs (front of fridge where crisper drawer goes)
  • 40cm Internal Height For 5L Kegs (rear of fridge where compressor is)


Sodium Percarbonate cleaner 400g

Active oxygen cleaner and sanitiser. We use this one for removing caked on sediment in kegs, fermenters and beer lines. Simply dissolve in warm water and soak. Must be rinsed off but is non-toxic after time.


400g soda stream gas bottle

These bottles hold the equivalent of 25 of the 16g soda bulbs and are swappable when empty for $19 at your closest retailer.

Click here to find your closest swap and go point.


Phosphoric Acid No- Rinse Sanitiser

This is the simplest way to ensure perfect sanitation. 2ml per litre of water produces a high foaming 2 minute sanitiser. Simply leave in contact for 2 min, pour out excess liquid, ignore the foam and use your equipment.

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