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Home Brew Kegging, Mini Beer Kegs and Growler Beer | iKegger

We have put our 20 years experience of working in the craft beer industry to work in order to come up with a system that can be combined to fit anybody's needs.  Whether you are someone who likes to drop into a small local brewery to get a growler filled after work, someone looking to take half a case of beer to the beach in a 4L keg with a cheap and easy to use plastic tap system or a mad homebrewer we have you covered. We believe strongly in our products and they are built to last, in fact we offer a 5 year warranty on both our kegs and growlers. 

Home Brew Supply - CO2 Regulator and Beer Tap

At iKegger we supply a range of stainless steel mini kegs, insulated double wall growlers and tapping systems to go with them. They are perfect for the homebrewer who wants to start kegging instead of sterilising, capping and storing all those bottles and equally good for the brewer who has a 19L system already as our 4L mini kegs give the full 23L brew volume in keg space. We also have a kit that has the same ball lock connections as a "cornie" keg so that they can be chained in series or swapped out using the same connections. Our professional quality co2 regulator is set and forget which means you can have a 12 pack of beer kegged and ready to go anytime, anywhere and also you can disconnect your 19L and clean / refill it while still drinking the last 4L of your brew.


Mini Home Brew Beer Keg

Do you know how many beers are in a keg? Coming in  2L or 4L sizes, these kegs can fit twice as much beer in the same space in the fridge as beer bottles. The dimensions are 13.5cm in diameter for both of them and either 20 or 36cm tall. They are stackable, have strong inbuilt handles and virtually unbreakable. The have a range of tap systems available at a variety of prices. Using the flexi tap the kegs can be laid down on a fridge shelf and you can still pour a beer without having to take them out. The other steel tap options are professional quality and look beautiful, with interchangeable handles.  

Growler Beer

The beer growler is insulated with a double wall of 304 stainless steel containing a vacuum, the same way a thermos is built, and will keep your beer cold for up to 12 hours even in full sunshine! The growler tapping system also allows for counter pressure filling direct from a keg using a ball lock disconnect so your beer stays just as fresh as it would in the keg.


Easy Kegging of your Coopers Home Brew with iKegger | Forget Bottling
Easy Kegging of your Coopers Home Brew with iKegger | Forget Bottling

by David Thackray September 09, 2016

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Homebrew Kegging Australia | The iKegger System | Basics
Homebrew Kegging Australia | The iKegger System | Basics

by David Thackray July 12, 2016

At it's most basic, that is how to keg with iKegger. Simply replace 70 bottles and caps with 6 stackable, steel mini kegs that will last a lifetime. If you manage to split or rupture one of our kegs we will replace it, no questions asked for 5 years.

If you already have a 19L cornie keg system, guess what? A 4L mini keg is the perfect addition to keg an entire 23L brew. Plus we have a spear for our kegs that uses the same ball lock connections as your current keg.

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5 Barrel Brewing | Wollongong | Micro-brew that fills any size iKegger
5 Barrel Brewing | Wollongong | Micro-brew that fills any size iKegger

by David Thackray June 29, 2016

Marina was obviously happy with her choice and went for a second pale ale. I was impressed with my ESB, it's a style I love and perfect for a cold day with a nice warm malty character but after trying a sip of the Hunter Valley Shiraz barrel aged imperial stout I immediately switched to that. There could not be a better beer for a day like today than the almost Christmassy flavours of dried fruits and coffee and with a 10.5% abv I very quickly forgot how cold I'd been moments earlier

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The Best Fathers Day Gift Range | Mini Beer Kegs | iKegger
The Best Fathers Day Gift Range | Mini Beer Kegs | iKegger

by David Thackray June 16, 2016 9 Comments

The Father's Day Competition
Eight lucky people will receive one of our very limited edition 2L Insulated Flip Top Beer Growlers. All you have to do is share this article! This competition will be the only way on earth you can get one of them and there will be one given away each Sunday for 8 weeks!

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