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Cold Brew Coffee and Cocktail Package (Plus Beer With Add-On Pack Below!)

Video: Making Espresso Martinis Is So Easy, Quick and Mess Free

Cold brew coffee is sweeping the world for a bunch of reasons

  • Low acidity - gentle on the stomach
  • High caffeine - up to 6x an espresso
  • Smooth flavour - much less bitterness
  • Easy to drink black so no dairy or nut milks needed therefore lower calories.
  • Makes perfect coffee based alcoholic drinks like espresso martini
  • When poured using nitro it comes out with a creamy texture despite having no milk in it.
  • Nitrous oxide give a slightly sweet flavour, a creamy head and can be used instantly.
  • Pure nitrogen must be left for a while to absorb into the liquid but then pours with cascading head like a stout.

This keg system makes it super easy to have nitro cold brew coffee or cocktails on tap at home. Check out the video to see how easy it is!

The iKegger Coffee Spear

  • This is the part that screws into the mouth of the keg
  • It has an attachment for the coffee tap
  • A 75 psi safety pressure release
  • A N20 bulb inlet valve with bulb cover

The Nitro Coffee Tap (Standard or Premium)

  • The standard tap is a forward sealing style tap for high pressure usage. It's long tapered spout has a sieve like plate inside that forces the coffee through fine holes to make the dense foam / head. It is a little more difficult to control the flow speed with.
  • The premium stainless steel tap is a vertically sealing design specifically made for stout and nitro beverages. It is easier to control the flow with, harder to accidentally bump, locks in on and off position and looks cool.Optionally Add A Vessel To Suit Your Needs
  • There is the choice of 2L, 4L, 5L and 10L Mini Kegs
  • 2L and 4L Insulated Growlers (Stay cold all day without ice)
  • You need to leave about 750ml of the volume empty as you need space for the gas to inject into.

Video: Making Cold Brew Nitro Coffee

By adding this package you can swap the nitrogen inlet for a quick connect post, mini regulator and quick connect.

This allows you to use the package for carbonated drinks like beer, cider and softdrink too!

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Video: Take It Anywhere With An Insulated Growler

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Joffreys C.
United States

At first, User Error and then finally, Nitro Perfection

Let me begin by stating it probably would have helped if I read the instructions before attempting to use my new mini keg. I eventually figured it out for myself when everything else I tried failed, and no more than 1 hour later I got an e-mail from "The Boys" (i-kegger) telling me to do what I had already done to get my system running. I would like to make it known that few companies offer the level of support that this company did, even with my being 1/2 a world apart they responded quicker than I ever expected them to, and they have the patience of a saint! (remember the user error part of this) they were trying to help me and I was not cooperating. However once I stopped being ****** and did what I was supposed to be doing this unit performed flawlessly, it actually out performed the more expensive kegerator that I used previously for this purpose (Nitro Cold Brew) I would highly recommend both the products and the company to anyone wanting to serve up great Nitro Brew Coffee.

Joffreys C. verified customer review of Cold Brew Coffee Keg Packages | Nitro Coffee Kegs | Portable, Simple
Colin C.

Nitro Coffee Kit

Having recently moved house I have not had time to use the kit yet but, if it's anything like the other equipment I have bought from iKegger, it will be of great quality and brilliant to use. I tasted the coffee at a "Man Cave" show in Sydney and was blown away by the smoothness of the drink.

Tony H.

Coffee on a nitro fuelled level

I bought this kit for nitro cold brew coffee in my coffee van. The quality of the equipment is fantastic. The results are a whole new world of coffee excellence. I love using this kit so much, I'll be buying another soon to start making kombucha on tap. Backed up by great, personal service and the fastest postage ever, I have nothing negative to say!

Tony H. verified customer review of Cold Brew Coffee Keg Packages | Nitro Coffee Kegs | Portable, Simple
David H.


Great service and product. Very helpful from query to purchase and shipping. Thanks :)

David T.

Nitro Coffee full of beans

It was so easy to convert my 2 litre keg from beer to coffee dispensing, and it works really well. Nitro coffee IS a thing. Thanks again Dave


Keg Size Guide
 Vessel Name (Volume) Height Diameter 330ml Bottle Equivalent 
"Bieber" (2L) 20cm 13.5cm


"Johnson" (4L) 33cm 13.5cm 12
"Choad" (5L) 26cm 17.5cm 15
"Mandingo" (10L) 50cm 17.5cm 30
"Dominator" (19L) 63cm 22cm 57
"UniTank" (35L) 90cm 38cm Up to 90