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Cancer Council | Shitbox Rally | Raffle No. 4 - Fermzilla and Premium Keg Pack

Size Guide

We Didn't Think We'd Have To Say This... Don't Use A Free Voucher To Buy Tickets In A Charity Raffle!

The Prize: Drawn 29th Nov - 27L Fermenter plus 23L Premium Keg Package

Everything you need to store, carbonate and serve a drink on tap at home with a portable mini keg to take with you!

  • Store large keg in anywhere cool and fill the smaller one to keep in the fridge or take with you.
  • Store both in fridge and the small one is always full ready to take to a bbq.

The 27L Fermzilla is one of the new generation of conical fermenters

  • Wide mouth for easy cleaning
  • Large collection bottle and dump valve with inlets for flushing with gas
  • Lid with option to insert temperature control coil

The ShitBox Rally... What Is It?

iKegger will be competing in The Shit Box Rally as "Team Kegs Kicking Cancer" in:


The idea is to make it from Alice Springs to The Gold Coast via the Gulf Of Carpentaria over some of the roughest dirt roads in the world in a car worth no more than $1000.

To take part we must get at least $5000 in sponsorship and donations for the Cancer Council to use for research to prevent and cure cancer.

All expenses including buying the car, getting it to the start line, travel, catering etc are covered by us and the car is also auctioned at the end of the rally for a further donation to the charity.

iKegger raised over $24,000 for cancer prevention and cure research of the $2.5m total raised by the rally we took part in this year.

To date $21.5m has been donated and contributed, funding great advances such as the elimination of Cervical Cancer in Australia!

Note: Buying a raffle ticket is not a tax deductible donation. If you would like to make a tax deductible donation you can directly using the button below. You will receive a tax reciept for your donation in either your personal name or business name.


Keg Size Guide
 Vessel Name (Volume) Height Diameter 330ml Bottle Equivalent 
"Bieber" (2L) 20cm 13.5cm


"Growler" (2L) - Insulated 30.5cm 13 cm 6
"Johnson" (4L) 33cm 13.5cm 12
"BBW Growler" (4L)- Insulated 35cm 15.5cm 12
"Choad" (5L) 26cm 17.5cm 15
"Mandingo" (10L) 50cm 17.5cm 30
"Dominator" (19L) 63cm 22cm 57
"UniTank" (35L) 90cm 38cm Up to 90