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Growler and Mini Keg Care

Growler Care

What Is A Growler?

First a little history lesson about Growlers. 

A Growler is a glass, steel, aluminium or ceramic vessel for beer, you know, a flagon.

Historically growlers were simply a bucket with a lid for taking home beer from the pub at closing time or “Doing the Growler Run” which was beer delivery to the worksite for tradies lunch breaks back in the good ol’ days.

They have been around since pre-prohibition days in the US, and after waning in usage in Australia they are now back in force with hundreds of venues filling them.

The standard modern growler is usually a brown 2L glass bottle with a handle (often they are actually 1.89 L or 64 U.S. fl oz) and they equate to approximately a six pack. Modern steel growlers like those sold by us have many advantages over the glass ones.

Why Would I Buy a Growler?

  • They are a great way to take the delicious taste of fresh tapped beer anywhere with you.
  • If you live near craft breweries, Growlers are often the only way you can take home some of their limited release or small batch beers that don’t get bottled or canned.
  • Growlers are refillable so if you use them regularly (and with an iKegger you’d be mad not too, who doesn’t want a mini keg on tap every day?) you are saving a lot of rubbish going into landfill and reducing the amount of fuel used to transport bottled beer.
  •  iKegger Growlers and Mini Kegs will turn heads wherever they are and are great conversation starters.

What Makes iKeggers Growler and Mini Kegs Special?

  • iKegger’s Growler is a vacuum flask meaning once you fill it with cold beer it will stay frosty for up to 12 hours, fill it on your lunch break and take it home to drink with dinner.
  • iKegger Growlers and mini kegs have a variety of tapping systems available from lightweight plastic picnic taps to full stainless steel professional quality tap systems, these use CO2 to keep your beer fresh and frothy. Even after you have your beer our growlers will keep your beer fresh for weeks if you follow the steps below!
  • Bottles of beer weigh twice as much and take up double the space of our mini kegs so they are ideal for taking camping etc, especially with our handy cooler sleeve and shoulder strap.
  • Our growlers and mini  kegs are virtually unbreakable and have a 5 year warranty.
  • Steel growlers protect beer from light, UV radiation reacts with hop compounds to produce a flavour similar to cat piss, this is best left for wines like Semillon, not beer.

growler care, look after your growler!

Caring for your Growler (and the beer inside it)

  • After using your growler rinse it well with warm water. Before filling it again we recommend using a non-rinse sanitiser or boiling water to kill any nasties that you wouldn’t want ruining your beer. (DO NOT use boiling water in glass growlers as they may crack)
  • Before filling your iKegger growler it’s a good idea to take the lid off and chill it in the freezer or fridge for a few minutes, this will stop the beer foaming up nearly as much as it fills.
  • Once chilled, if you have a tap system, put a burst of CO2 into the growler using the injector or regulator from your tap. This means the beer fills under a “blanket” layer of CO2 that stops it touching air which would oxidise the beer reducing its shelf life.
  • Once filled screw on the tap system and while holding the bleed valve open inject CO2 for a second or two to flush out any remaining air on top. Release the valve and pressurise to about 8psi to maintain the carbonation indefinitely. If all these steps are followed the beer will keep like it never left the keg. If you are planning to drink it immediately they are not necessary.
  • If you are NOT using a tap system, treat the beer like a glass growler. Once opened for the 1st time it will begin going flat so drink within 24 hours. With the tap your beer will stay fresh till the last drop, even if that’s weeks later.
  • To keep your iKegger Growler or Mini Keg shining and looking new you can use some stainless-steel polish on the outside of it.